“Bet Arkeh” (pronounced Bet ER-keh) is the word for “library” in Neo-Aramaic.

I am a librarian, so love to visit different archives, libraries, and museums. My goal is to write about the different places that I have visited, with the hope that others will become interested in visiting them as well.

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Baby Face Nelson

Even though COVID-19 has shut down cultural institutions such as museums and libraries for most of 2020, that has not stopped me from learning some interesting new history.  Last month, I learned that I live close to where the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) found the dead body of Baby Face Nelson in 1934.  Baby … Continue reading Baby Face Nelson

Imperial War Museum

On November 11, 1918 at 11 AM French time, World War I officially ended (at least on paper).  After that, the Allied nations commemorated November 11th as Armistice Day each year.  However, after WWII, Great Britain and its Commonwealth changed the name of the holiday to Remembrance Day, in order to honor those who fought … Continue reading Imperial War Museum