“Bet Arkeh” ܒܹܝܬ ܐܲܪ̈ܟܹܐ (pronounced Bet ER-keh) is the word for “library” in Neo-Aramaic.

I am a librarian, so the goal of this blog is to highlight different archives, libraries, and museums that I have visited, with the hopes that others will become interested in visiting these places as well, or at least learn more about them.

Arlington National Cemetery

In the United States, the last Monday of the month of May is Memorial Day, in which everyone takes off from work to remember those who died in various U.S. wars.  Originally called Decoration Day, this national holiday began in 1868 to commemorate those who died in the American Civil War (1861-1865).  However, eventually, the … Continue reading Arlington National Cemetery

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