La Posada Hotel

In 1930, a new hotel emerged in Winslow, Arizona called La Posada, which means “the inn” in Spanish.  Fred Harvey built the hotel to serve people getting off at the Santa Fe Railway station there.  Harvey was known for making railway travel to the Western United States more comfortable by building restaurants and hotels along…

The National Library of Finland

The National Library of Finland, located in Finland’s capital city of Helsinki, is the official depository for every publication ever produced in Finland.  It currently houses over 3 million books and periodicals.  Finland’s National Library originally began while under Swedish rule in 1640, as a university library for the Royal Turku Academy.  However, in 1827,…

Book Inscriptions

When you read the book of a deceased author, you are essentially listening to the words of the dead.  Unless a book is extremely rare, the thoughts of a dead author are usually heard by many people.  However, if an old book has a personal inscription inside of it, then that dead person’s words may…

National Archives and Records Administration

Although construction on the building began in 1931, in 1934, during the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt signed a bill to officially establish a National Archives in the United States.  Previously, U.S. Government records were scattered in different buildings throughout the country.  However, the creation of the National Archives not only brought all of these…


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