Sibelius Museum in Turku, Finland

Turku is Finland’s oldest city, former capital, and third largest city.  Therefore, it is full of history.  One museum that I visited while I was in Turku was the Sibelius Museum (officially spelled the Swedish way: Sibeliusmuseum).  Both the Sibelius Museum and the music notation software, Sibelius, are named after Jean Sibelius, Finland’s most famous…

State Libraries

Each of the United States’ 50 states runs its own official state library.  I have only visited Illinois’ and Indiana’s state libraries so far.  Both are located in their states’ capitals, which are Springfield and Indianapolis, respectively. You would assume that all state libraries are similar, but Illinois’ and Indiana’s state libraries each have separate…

Pritzker Military Museum and Library

On the corners of Monroe St. and Michigan Ave. in Downtown Chicago is a skyscraper built in 1912 called the Monroe Building.  The second through fourth floors of this building house the Pritzker Military Museum and Library.  Founded in 2003, this non-profit research center began as the personal military collection of retired Lieutenant Colonel J….

William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum

Named after the man who created it in 1996, the William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum in Atlanta, Georgia helps preserve and present Southern (United States) Jewish history.  In fact, it may be the largest repository of Southern Jewish history in the world.  I had the privilege of visiting this museum in 2014. Prior to my…


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